Nha Trang Stone Church

If you are a follower of the coastal city of Nha Trang, surely you will be no stranger to the site of Nha Trang Stone Church. During the past decades, this church with a history of more than 80 years located in the city center is still one of the famous attractions and attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. Nha Trang Stone Church (also known as Christ the King Cathedral) is a famous Catholic church in Nha Trang. Besides, the church has many other names such as: Mountain Church (because it is located on the top of Hoang Lan hill); Catholic Church (because this is a Catholic church in Nha Trang); Stone Church (because it was built of stone); Nga Sau Church (because it is located near the intersection of 6 Thai Nguyen Street)…

Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to discover an architectural work imbued with time. In addition, when visiting Nha Trang Stone Church, visitors can also relax in a peaceful and quiet space, helping you temporarily put aside the worries and fatigue of the hectic and bustling life. outside. Surely this place will be a destination not to be missed in your journey to discover the sunny and windy land of Nha Trang. Overall, the church has a strong layout with small cubes of rock that gradually rise from low to the blue sky. The highest point of the church is the place where the cross is placed on the top of the bell tower, 38m high from the road surface. Along the way up, to the right are small drawers containing the remains of the deceased grafted into the stone wall. The church has a wide dome, rose-shaped windows in the typical gothic architectural style that stand out as a mark in the heart of the city. Inside the church, there is a large and airy space, divided into the sanctuary area and the area behind the sanctuary, which is very pure and dignified.

In the 1885s, there were very few parishioners in Nha Trang because the population was still sparse, only a few fishing villages scattered along the coast. The parishioners often do small religious activities at Cho Moi Parish.

Then, in 1886, the French colonial government invaded Nha Trang and built the Pasteur Institute and Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography. Meanwhile, the government established by the French colonialists realized the need for religious activities for the French living here as well as for the parishioners of Nha Trang, so they built a small chapel on the beach.

Later, missionary Louis Vallet (1869-1945) wanted to spread the beautiful Catholic lifestyle and spread the fire of faith to the faithful, so he tried to come up with ideas and build Nha Trang Stone Church. In 1928, on September 3, the Stone Church began to be built with the same architecture as Western Catholic Churches. The church was built on a height of 12m, with a length of 36m, a width of 20m.

It is also because of the merit and dedication of missionary Louis Vallet that after his death, people placed his grave at the foot of the church’s mountain as a memorial and thanks for his dedication.

A special feature that attracts visitors to Nha Trang Stone Church is the majestic and magnificent cathedral. On the wall there are paintings of the suffering life of God, helping visitors to understand more about the life of God when he came to earth.

Visitors will be able to step through the Tien Dan gate to the vast and light-filled Cathedral. Inside the Cathedral, there are two rows of seats arranged in a straight line, in the middle is the entrance to the main hall facing Jesus.

If you visit Nha Trang Stone Church in the morning to noon, you can also see the image of the brilliant rays of the sun crept through the blue and red glass doors. From there, the sun’s rays shine through the East and West directions into the arches, the rose doors bring a magnificent and splendid scene, like an ancient European castle. The sanctuary is decorated with magnificent and mysterious stained-glass paintings of Saints.

An impressive point of Nha Trang Stone Church is the bell tower area. On the bell tower, there are two bronze bells made by Bourdon Carillond – a famous French bell company. The sound of these two bells is also different when one has a dollar and a dollar sound and the other has an e flat sound, so when ringing the bell, the harmony between the two bells will be more resonant and somewhat heroic. more atmosphere.

Looking up on the bell tower, you will see a 4-sided tower with 4 large clock faces. Thus, going from afar you can also see the time from these watches.

Ceremony time of Nha Trang Stone Church.

If you want to participate in the ceremony, you can save the information below:

Weekdays: 4:45 am; 5:00 p.m

Sunday: 5:00 p.m.; 7:00 am; 9:30 am; 15h00; 16h30; 6:30 p.m

Address: No. 01 Thai Nguyen, Phuoc Tan Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province (At the beginning of Nguyen Trai Street, the intersection with the intersection of 6 Thai Nguyen Street, on the top of Hoang Lan Hill)

Open time:

– Weekdays: 5:30 am – 5:00 pm

– Weekends: From 5:00am – 7:00am and 11am – 4:30pm

– The Mass of Nha Trang Stone Church is usually on Saturday and Sunday

*** 5 wonderful shooting angles at Nha Trang Stone Church

1. Side stone corridor.

2. Inside the Cathedral.

3. The front of the church.

5. In front of the church door.

Notes when coming to Nha Trang Stone Church – If you only come to visit and take photos, you should note the ceremony time above the church to keep quiet and avoid making noise, disturbing the dignified atmosphere when visiting Nha Trang. ceremony. Especially not to make noise or take pictures in the Cathedral. Especially, although the church allows visitors to enter freely, visitors should only visit in allowed public places. – This is also a religious building, a sacred place, so you should pay attention to the way you dress. It is best to wear polite clothes, skirts, pants below the knee.

To visit Nha Trang Cathedral, you can move by yourself or book a tour to explore Nha Trang city. Time for this tour is from 4am to 5pm. The attractions included in the tour include: Institute of Oceanography – Nha Trang Stone Church – Long Son Pagoda – Ponagar Tower – Hon Chong.

If you have any questions or need more information about tours in Nha Trang, please contact us.

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