Monkey Island & Orchid Stream – 30 USD / pax


From: 8:00 AM  to 3:30 PM

(It’s 20 km far from Nha Trang. It’s just 20 minutes to go by car  in the North of Nha Trang city)

8:00 AM   You will be picked up by car at the hotel and transfer to the pier of monkey island at the mainland and then take the boat for about 25 minutes to go to  Hoa Lan island, this is the first island on your trip. There have been interests in this island are some kind of animals for example: deer, cow, chicken …  look very beautiful.

Hoa Lan stream :

9:30 AM We continue to take short boating to  Hoa Lan stream (Orchid Stream). A picnic trip for those who love nature and the beautiful scenery streams fresh air from the surrounding jungles.You will be feeling relaxed and refreshed by the sounds and glory of nature by the thatched tent.

Monkey Island 

11:30 AM We continue to take the boat to Monkey Island, there are over 1,000 monkeys. on this island you can be snorkeling with so many color coral reef and colorful fish.

13:00 PM: Lunch at a restaurant on this island. Especially with seafood lunch which who loves it. After lunch, walk around, and you can see wild monkeys, especially the “King of Monkeys” with its many wives. You can also make acquaintance with the monkeys. If you put some food on your hand, they will approach you immediately. That’s why You can make friends with them, this island of cocopalm attracts a lot of holidaymakers because of its charm in a beautiful bay. Besides there are many game such as: tram car race , animal circus of all kinds are performed everyday. Other services are also available for those who prefer  resting  here on a well known  sandy beach.

15h30: Come back Nha Trang city.

Price: 650.000 VND/ pax.

Children: 550.000 VND per child.( for kid from 1m – 1m3).

CHildren is under 1m : free.

Including: Car pick up in the city, lunch, entrance fees, boat., guide.

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