Hon Chong Nha Trang

For the people of Nha Trang, no one does not know the landscape of Hon Chong – a natural rock that has existed with time, along with the formation and development of the city. This beautiful natural picture was classified as a national monument in 1998, and has become a must-see attraction when visiting Nha Trang. Just a rudimentary rocky beach with large and small rocks protruding into the sea, but Hon Chong has a lot of attraction for locals and tourists from all over the world when coming to the coastal city of Nha Trang.

There are many interesting stories and legends surrounding the story of Hon Chong, and the most told stories are about the giant handprints imprinted on the large rock located on the highest rock in Hon Chong, full of hearts. hand and 5 fingers, as if when the paint was first created, the stone had not yet solidified, there was a giant hand clinging to it, leaving traces to this day..

The population of Hon Chong stone cards, including large rocks lying on top of each other for many generations. For a long time, this stone beach has become a quite attractive place of Nha Trang city. Coming here, visitors can feel Hon Chong rock as the intersection between the mountains and the sea. Because just a few steps, visitors can reach the sea or right at the foot of the hill. Coming here, visitors can also hear many interesting stories about the legend of this rocky beach amidst a charming natural landscape..

Hon Chong consists of 2 large rock clusters located on the coast at the foot of La-san hill, possibly created by tidal erosion on this hill. The large rock cluster in the sea called Hon Chong, consists of a large square block of rock lying on a flat and wider rock, the rock face facing the sea has a huge palm-shaped depression.

A complex of different large and small stone blocks, many layers, many layers, strange shapes, stacked on top of each other without any adhesive at all. Rocks like that piled up from high to low like a giant hand arranged. The magic thing is that the big rocks are stacked on top of each other, even though the waves keep crashing, they can’t be shaken.

There are rocks stuck in the middle as if falling from above, partly creating a magical and interesting part to keep the balance for the 2 large rocks on either side. The people here favorably give it a very beautiful name: Heaven’s Gate or the door to heaven. The sea water in this area is extremely clear, cool, standing here watching the sunrise is really great.

The strangest stack is the image of a giant 5-finger-deep rock, lying on a large stone block like a guardhouse, on the highest peak. That’s why the people here tell each other about the mysterious stories that scientists and explorers have not been able to explain this strange phenomenon. That mysterious handprint was also said by the people to be left by the giant, he was fishing here, suddenly the giant fish bit the hook and dragged him away. To catch fish, he had to lean on the rock so that the fingerprints have been pressed into the rock to form the shape until now. There is another legend that there was a young man who worked as a fisherman. One day, when he was casting a net on the sea, he suddenly met a group of fairies playing on the beach, so the young man hid on the rock behind to watch. Discovered by the fairies, the boy fell into the sea. On a large stone, there is also a shape like a hand, which is said to be the mark of the boy’s hand when he fell.

It is also because of this strange hand shape that many young people are curious to come to Hon Chong scenic spot just to see it.

Another very touching story about the name Hon Chong – Hon Vo. You know, you are standing in a beautiful sea, so life here depends a lot on the sea. Fishery is an indispensable profession here. There should be a story about the fisherman of this sea. The people of the sea often tell each other the story of the legend of Hon Chong – Hon Vo that: In the past, this place was craggy, steep and dangerous cliffs. On a stormy day, a young couple’s boat from afar was washed ashore by strong winds and waves, crashing into a cliff and breaking. Because the waves were so big that the wife was swept away, the husband panicked and jumped into the sea to save his wife. But how can human strength stop nature, with one hand helping his wife, one hand trying to cling to the cliff. The wall was inherently unstable, so when he tried to cling to it, the cliff fell into the sea and engulfed the unhappy young couple. Because of that great love, this place has the name husband island – wife island, more especially the handprints that have been deeply imprinted on the rock that the husband has left.

In addition, there is also Nha Trang Bay Assembly Hall, built on a gentle slope from La San hill leading down to Hon Chong rock. This ancient house is the place to display many pictures and documents about Hon Chong scenic spot as well as other scenic spots in Tram Huong country. Nha Trang Bay Assembly Hall is designed in the style of the Hue Ruong house, with wooden houses, tiled roofs, inside with wooden beams above the beams – creating a space imbued with national culture, helping to promote the image of Nha Trang Bay. , people of Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa and

the country of Vietnam to friends everywhere. In particular, in order to enrich Khanh Hoa tourism industry, the province has designed a program to perform ethnic musical instruments when coming to Hon Chong to serve tourists visiting: zither, erhu, dan rock. … With a warm space, the low-pitched music under the ingenious performance of the artists seems to erase all the fatigue of everyday life when people are immersed in the music here. From there, creating a unique feature, a very different highlight that leaves a mark in everyone’s heart when visiting this place. People seem to be returning to the values of their long-standing national roots.

This attraction is about 3km northeast of the city center. Hon Chong is almost separate from the bustling space of the streets, this Nha Trang tourist destination is also one of the most beautiful places to see the coastal city. Coming here, visitors can step out in the middle of the vast sea. There, opening up in front of visitors is a vast ocean space that blends with the high blue sky, making the space seem to open up endlessly. Not only admire that beautiful space, visitors also enjoy the fresh and quiet space in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist place.

– To visit this destination, you can move on your own or more interestingly you can sign up for a tour, explore Nha Trang city to discover the most outstanding destinations of this beautiful coastal city. , and more importantly, when you book a tour with a company that travels with you, a knowledgeable guide about the stories, cultural history of the land you are visiting.

– City tour includes: Institute of Oceanography – Long Son Pagoda – Stone Church – Ponagar Tower – Hon Chong. Visiting this tour takes you about 4-5 hours to accompany your driver and guide to explore this beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang.

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